Statcounter Google Ads Integration

Increase conversions & reduce click fraud with our Google Ads integration

Our integration with Google Ads removes a serious blind spot for website owners. Data in Google Ads is in aggregate form so finding out which ad resulted in which website visit has meant a lot of cross referencing and second guessing.

Now you can see all of your important campaign information for each Google Ads visit without having to leave Statcounter.

Keywords, campaign, ad group, ad click location, location of interest and more help you see where your Google Ads configuration is resulting in irrelevant clicks and wasting your ad budget.

Google Ads details in Statcounter

If you suspect fraudulent clicks, you can manually block IP addresses in Google Ads with a simple click within Statcounter. No more copying and pasting IP addresses into Google Ads!

Blocking IP adresses in Google Ads from Statcounter

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Statcounter helped us identify someone repeatedly clicking our ads and abusing our campaign. We saw up to 70 clicks from the same IP address. Watching the recordings in Session Replay, we could see that they didn’t explore our site, you know, they would click to the site from our Google Ads and then leave straight away.

It’s really convenient to be able to block them in Statcounter with the Google Ads integration. Also we notice problems very quickly with Statcounter. This isn’t so with Google Ads. I can block them with one click now in Statcounter. It’s so easy.

Jeroen Plaatsman, Siemens Keukens

I recently switched to a PMax campaign in Google Ads, their automated campaign that uses machine learning. I started noticing in Statcounter a huge number of paid clicks coming into our website from overseas — Philippines, India, Malaysia — and we’re only advertising in the UK. These were all from our PMax campaign. In one week, 80% of the clicks came from abroad, and it cost me a lot of money, and they're landing on a page which can't convert.

I wouldn't have found that out without the Google Ads integration because it clearly shows me now which of my Google Ads led to each website visit in Statcounter. It's been really useful.

Jon Szegota, Ace Canine

Being able to block IP addresses in Google Ads from Statcounter is really helpful. Since we added the Google Ads integration in Statcounter, we’ve been able to identify Google Ad clicks slipping through from abroad. Now we just block those IP addresses in Statcounter from being served any more ads.

Simon Roberts, Aztec Support

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