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Convert more visitors with less effort

Time is a scarce resource for website owners. When looking for ways to improve the user experience for your visitors and increase the likelihood of them converting, it makes sense to prioritize your focus on the tasks with the lowest effort that will have the biggest impact.

The impact effort matrix shows us which tasks to prioritize.

Improving user experience starts with understanding how your visitors are currently experiencing your site by using tools like Session Replay. However, as your website traffic grows and you have more visitors than you can analyze on an individual basis, the question arises — who are the important visitors to focus on? Which visitors can I learn the most from?

It may seem intuitive to focus all your energy on the website visitors that don't convert. Makes sense right? Focus on the problems your non-converting visitors are experiencing and improve your website experience for them so that more of them will convert.


The majority of your visitors who don't convert would never have converted anyway, regardless of the user experience they encounter on your website. They may not be ready to complete your conversion goal right now. They may never be ready. They may have stumbled across your site by accident or could be doing some broad research with no intention to buy, subscribe, download, make contact or whatever your website goal is.

It stands to reason that spending time analyzing the visits of your non-converting visitors will NOT give you insights into why they didn't convert.

The best insights will come from studying the visitors that do convert. These visitors had a high conversion intent and as such were motivated enough to overcome any obstacles that stood in their path.

The best insights will come from studying the visitors that do convert.

Examining the sessions from these visitors and seeing the obstacles they encountered will enable you to clear the path for those less motivated visitors who didn't convert so they'll have less friction to overcome.

So how do you zone in on sessions with a conversion in Statcounter?

First, identify your conversion page. This will be the page that your visitors reach after checking out of your ecommerce store, subscribing to your newsletter or completing a form — typically a thank you or confirmation page.

E.g. https://example.com/thank-you

In Statcounter, go to Recent Activity > Visitor Activity and select Filters.

Select the Sessions with URLs matching filter and in the text box below, enter the last section (also known as the URL slug) of your conversion page URL. In the above example, you would enter /thank-you but since all websites are different, you'll need to check your own conversion page URL.

Using the 'Sessions with URLs matching' filter in Statcounter.

This filter will temporarily hide any sessions that didn't include a conversion so you can focus on your converting visitors. From there, you can watch back these sessions with Session Replay by clicking the play button on each session.

If you haven't yet experienced the valuable insights Session Replay can reveal about how your visitors are experiencing your website, you can try it now for free for a week.

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  • Posted on Sep 20 2021 at 08:21 by superiorus
    Good idea!
    I will setup a "Thank you" page for one of our websites: https://voucherstore.net
    I love to have happy customers.
  • Posted on Jul 11 2021 at 17:33 by Dave
    Somewhat helpful article just begging for a part 2.

    It would be REALLY beneficial if you got into the mechanics of how people are not finding what they're looking for.

    For example, how can the business owner or web designer tell that someone tried to click an image that wasn't clickable, or that they were trying to do something else and wasn't successful?

    Any tips that could be provided to help people understand this behavior and how to better guide people through the buy process would be very helpful IMO.

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