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How Chris from Flamingo Agency uses Statcounter for lead generation & sales

Chris Granat is the founder of Flamingo Agency, a Web Design and SEO consultancy based in Chicago that provides digital marketing services to small and medium sized businesses.

Chris has been using Statcounter for over 10 years on his own website and on the websites he builds for his clients. We discussed how Statcounter has become an essential part of his workflow, from filtering out time-wasting robocalls to informing content marketing and SEO efforts and helping with lead generation and sales.

"It's like sitting next to your visitor’s browser and seeing what they are doing on the website. It’s a game changer."

Chris Granat

Founder, Flamingo Agency

Statcounter has been Chris’s first line of defence against time-wasting spam phone calls, of which his agency gets a frustrating amount. Using the location data in Visitor Activity, Chris makes a judgement on whether each phone call is likely to be a prospect or a spam call.

We get a lot of robocalls. So many in fact, that I don't pick up my phone most of the time. I'm not kidding. It's not just me. As agency owners, we cannot pick up the phone because there are so many spammers pretending they're the IRS or your Google listing needs to be verified.

So when I'm in front of the computer and I see a phone number calling me, what I quickly do is I go to StatCounter and I see whether or not they're browsing the website from the States. And very often if they're from outside the U.S., then I know, "Okay, that's a red flag." Why would they be calling with a U.S. phone number, yet they're browsing from elsewhere?

Flamingo Agency Website

A common use of Statcounter is to tell the serious prospects from the tyre kickers. So when Chris is fielding emails that come in from the contact form on his website, he checks their engagement to see if they are a prospect worth investing time into.

We use StatCounter to see how people navigate through the website, which pages they go to, which pages they don't, how much effort they actually put into researching about our company, about our services, that's a very important thing.

Because sometimes people go to our website, they don't even read anything, they just head straight to the contact form. So that tells you one thing. But then again, every once in a while you have a prospect who actually spends like 10, 15, 20 minutes on the website, they actually ready everything, and then they go to the contact form. Which tells you that, okay, they took the time, they did their research, so it might be a good idea to give them a thorough reply.

As part of the sales process, Chris offers a free homepage mock-up design for each of his prospects and uses Statcounter’s Visitor Paths and Session Replay features to gauge their interest.

We design a quick mock-up of a home page based on our visual samples and we send it out to them in a proposal. I just did this yesterday. I sent out a proposal to a fence rental company, and I have Statcounter installed on my mock-up server and I knew exactly when they clicked on it, how many times they checked out the mock-up we designed for them, what pages they opened, what devices they used, whether it was a phone or a bigger screen resolution.

Flamingo Agency Client Projects

The new Session Replay feature in Statcounter has revealed how Chris’s visitors are mostly just scanning content for headings and not reading entire paragraphs. Insights like this help him modify the content on his website for better engagement.

It’s like sitting next to your visitor’s browser and seeing what they are doing on the website. It’s a game changer.

I was shocked when I first started watching back recordings. "Wait, why aren't they reading all my content?" And then I just noticed that, yeah, people are really just scanning through the headings. Which made me realize that we should emphasize more on the headings and the images, bolded, increased font size, since most visitors are not even reading the whole copy in the first place.

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