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How WordPress specialization drives business development at Primary Image.

Primary Image is a web design and marketing agency based in Essex in south-east England. We spoke with founder and owner Mike Pead about how being an active member of the WordPress community helps drive sales and how he uses insights from Statcounter to proactively manage sales and support enquiries.

"One of the main reasons I choose Statcounter over Google Analytics is because it’s so user friendly. It has a really nice interface with clear reports."

Mike Pead

Founder and Owner, Primary Image

Mike founded Primary Image in 2010, initially working with clients in the UK transport sector, including National Express, Transport for London and Network Rail. In recent years, his knowledge of WordPress and his active participation in the WordPress community has fuelled growth and introduced him to clients in different sectors across the UK.

Primary Image Website (source: Primary Image)

In addition to running the Essex WordPress MeetUp and speaking at WordPress conferences in London and across the UK and Europe, Mike regularly blogs about WordPress speed optimisation and security and tests new WordPress versions before they're released.

He told us about the impact his engagement with the WordPress community has had on his business.

Visitors to my website are now going straight to the WordPress landing page and making contact from there, which introduces me to a much broader set of clients. And since I'm offering WordPress design, hosting and maintenance, sales enquiries can range from support and bug fixing to full WordPress builds and redesigning existing WordPress sites.
A couple of areas I'm particularly interested in are WordPress security and speed optimization so I will often get requests to do speed and security audits and help clients improve in those areas.

American Tax Returns Website (source: Primary Image)

Mike uses Statcounter in a number of different ways to track and analyze visitors to his own website.

The Visitor Paths feed shows him the content his visitors are interested in prior to submitting the contact form. This helps him to be fully prepared before speaking with sales leads generated by his website.

A quick analysis of visitors behaviour on the site helps Mike decide if an enquiry is from a valid source and worth following up on.

I'll get these spammy enquiries that are likely submitted to multiple websites. I can see they've come straight from Google, they've pasted a generic enquiry into the contact form, and completed their visit within seconds.
The serious leads worth following up have usually come from Google and have spent a bit of time reading a few pages, looking at the portfolio and then submitting the contact form.

Statcounter's Label feature enables Mike to add supplementary information to visitors and track where they've been and how often they visit.

I use Statcounter a bit like a CRM by labeling visitors as potential leads. This helps me recognise them when they return to the site and I can drill down to gather a bit of intelligence before I respond to them.

Caketail Club Website (source: Primary Image)

Seeing which content gets the most engagement helps Mike make important decisions about his website and the direction of his business.

Statcounter shows me what's working and what's not working in terms of my content. I already have plans to expand on my WordPress landing pages based on measuring how well that type of content has been performing.

Mike also installs Statcounter for the majority of his clients as part of a complete website package that includes design, hosting, support and analytics. A new website client will be set up as a project on Statcounter and given Stats Viewer access rights. Monthly, weekly or daily email reports are customised for each client based on their needs.

One of the main reasons I choose Statcounter over of Google Analytics is because it's so user friendly. It has a really nice interface with clear reports. The screens are easy to understand and accessible. And it's the same with my clients. They really appreciate the simplicity.

Find out more about Primary Image on their website at and connect on Twitter @primaryimage

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