Can I partially reset my logs?

You CAN reset your logs back to ANY number you wish by going to My Projects > Install Code and Customise Project Settings - however we do NOT recommend this.

Partially resetting your log will NOT necessarily delete the oldest entries in your log file. You MAY remove the most recent entries in your log file instead AND once your stats are reset, they can NOT be restored.

Also, there is no reason to reset your logs - older hits in your log are simply overwritten by new hits. Your StatCounter does NOT stop tracking when your log is full!


For anyone interested in further information about the procedure of resetting your log file, please read on...

Think of your log as like a column in a spreadsheet with 500 cells labelled 1 - 500.

When you first set up your StatCounter account, cell 1 is filled with your first visit, cell 2 with your second etc...over time all the cells are filled up.

When your log is full, the oldest entry is overwritten by new visits to your site. And the log entries are overwritten again and again over time...

This means that your most recent visits may be included in any of the 5000 cells i.e. cells 1 - 10 might contain Dec 18 visitors. Cells 50 - 60 might contain Jan 1 visitors. Cells 490 - 500 might contain Dec 10 visitors. In other words, cells 1 - 30 won't necessarily contain your most recent visits.

When you set your log back to 30 for example, this means that the entries in cells 1 - 30 are retained, but as described above, the visit dates may be at any time.

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