How do I change my credit card details - 2Checkout?

Per 2Checkout, if your current credit card is going to expire, or if you have canceled your credit card, it will be necessary for you to wait and receive a notice from 2Checkout informing you that your credit card is failing to bill before you can change your details.

Once you receive this notification you must click on the link included in the email to update your credit card information. Your order will not be canceled and you will receive a reminder notice every 7 days.

If you want to change to a different card, it will be necessary for you to contact 2Checkout directly at 1-877-294-0273, so that they can obtain further information from you.

Please note that as 2Checkout is a third party payment processor for StatCounter, we are unable to assist you with queries in relation to your 2Checkout account. If you have difficulties with your 2Checkout account, please refer to the 2Checkout Help Area.

Please further note that if you are experiencing difficulties with 2Checkout, we strongly recommend that you switch to our new payment processor, Realex, over which we have full control and with which we can offer you full assistance and support.

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