What does #1 mean?

#1 indicates that your web page ranked #1 on Google for the given query.

In the above example, the mobile stats page of our StatCounter Global Stats site ranked #1 on Google for the search term “mobile browser stats”.

Similarly, #2 means that your web page ranked #2 on Google for the given query etc.

NOTE: Search Rankings vary when searches are conducted from different parts of the world and at different times. The ranking you see displayed in your StatCounter account is the actual rank position that your visitor saw (for your web page) from the location they are in, at the time they did the search.

You MAY NOT be able to recreate this ranking directly, but the rank shown is the actual position of your web page on the search engine results page generated by your visitor's query.

Currently, this information is only available for some Google searches so you will not see a ranking beside every Google query or beside non-Google queries.

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