There is no attachment to the invoice email - can you resend it?

We attach invoices as pdf documents to all our invoice emails. If you're not seeing our attachment, resending it probably won't help.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, then you may be experiencing an Outlook problem which results in users being unable to see some pdf attachments from some senders.

While we have been unable to replicate the issue ourselves, a search for "outlook pdf attachment stripped" brings up multiple reports of this problem.

Until Microsoft implements a solution for this problem, your options are:
(1) Open the email and choose "Save Attachments" from the file menu
(2) Open the email and click "Forward" and the attachment may become visible to you as you are composing the new email
(3) Forward the email back to yourself and the attachment may become visible to you in the resent email in your inbox
(4) Flag the message in outlook and the attachment may become visible to you
(5) Forward the email to a different email account (e.g. gmail) and the attachment will become visible
(6) OR you can log in to your StatCounter account and go to Account > Billing to view/save/print any invoice in your account

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