How to resolve a caching problem

If you've installed the Statcounter code snippet on your website correctly but the snippet isn't appearing when you view the source code, this could be a sign your web pages are being cached and you're not seeing the most recent version of the pages.

When web pages are cached on a server, the server has saved static versions of the pages that would otherwise be generated using resource-intensive server and database requests. Presenting this cached version of the page to visitors improves the speed of the page and saves on server resources but sometimes results in an out-of-date page being served to the browser.

To make sure the most recent version of your pages are being served, follow these two steps:

- Clear the cache on your website.

- Clear the cache in your browser.

The following article includes some useful information on server caching in the context of Wordpress and details on how to clear your browser cache:


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